Blade Bank

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If you've got a safety razor, you need a blade bank. Why you ask?

Disposing of used blades properly can be tricky. While they are recyclable, due to how sharp they are, they cannot be recycled in your curb-side pickup. Scrap metal places are happy to take them, but this is obviously not the most convenient.

This blade bank is a sure fire way to not only store your blades safely as it's one solid piece of stainless steel (no little fingers finding their way in here!) it's also a convenient way to ensure your blades are recycled. 

Once full with roughly 100 blades, you can send it directly to well kept via mail and they will send you a new one!

Their mailing address is: 104-1515 Barrow Street, North Vancouver, V7J 1B7

Well kept will ensure the blades are properly recycled. Don't you just love a closed loop system? We sure do.

tips & tricks:
how to assemble a safety razor (+ blade bank info)